9 Weeks to go

Well with just 9 weeks of training left before the London marathon it is fair to say I am feeling a little under trained.

After taking a week off and visiting a physio I started to feel a bit more confident that my leg was getting better and I could resume running. I got through a slow parkrun with no pain and decided to continue as planned and run the Wrexham village bakery half marathon on the Sunday.

It did not go exactly to plan, I think my splits best illustrate what happened..


Everything was going well up until about 7 miles and then my leg decided it did not want to play anymore. In the nearly 3 years I have been running and many races I have done that is the closest I have ever come to giving up and getting a DNF.

I didn't, I carried on and watched helplessly as the 1.50 and then 2.00 hour pacer flew past me. I eventually finished, limping over the line in 2.03. Not great but all worth it for "that" medal..


Since then I have barely run, even walking has been tricky at times. So this week I have decided to stick to cycling (yuck) and swimming to keep the fitness going but time is running out to get those long runs in.

As such I have had to reduce my goal of a sub-4 hours to just getting round and enjoying the experience. The time can wait for another race (I'm currently targeting Manchester marathon next year).

Hopefully, next week normal running can resume otherwise I may end up crawling over the finish line!

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