12 Weeks to go

So in 12 weeks time I will in London probably by now in some pain but hopefully not too far away from completing my first marathon.

It is fair to say my preparation so far has not gone to plan, a niggly injury to my calf has meant reducing my mileage right down for a few weeks on top of January being the busiest month I have had for a long time. I still managed to do a 12 mile run and hit 100 miles for the month so I'm not worried just yet. Hopefully after a bit of time off and a trip to the physio normal running can be resumed.

A nice 12 mile training run with NRC club members

What is more concerning is that I have yet to start to make a dent on my fundraising - time simply has not allowed so far. I do however have some ideas on the go but every little helps so if you could contribute it would be much appreciated and all goes to a good cause please see VICTA if you would like more information on where the money is going.

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