Weekly Roundup #1

This is the first in a weekly series of posts mainly for my own benefit to document what I have been up to for the week, some of this is related to my day job so I may redact stuff to protect the innocent.

  • Whilst browsing reddit I stumbled on an article about usernames - the premise being that usernames are more complicated than most developers generally think. I highly recommend reading it as it will definitely make you challenge some of your assumptions.

  • Talking of assumptions this is still my favourite StackOverflow question - this is why software development is hard.

  • For my day job I have been using/learning Redux with our Polymer frontend - all written in TypeScript of course. A large learning curve for someone who has been out of frontend dev for a while like me but finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel (blog post coming soon on this).

  • The above work is in preparation for the new GDPR rules coming into force in May, it suprises me how many people I speak to have not heard about it. Smashing Magazine has a nice overview for developers (anybody else really dislike the smashing mag redesign?)

  • Git vs TFS - for my side projects I exclusively use Git (with Github or Bitbucket for free private repos) but for work it is mainly all TFS. To be honest TFS just does not sit right with me so it was interesting to see in this years StackOverflow survey that a massive 87% of respondents use Git. I think that debate is pretty much over.

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